What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

My business had a leak during the winter rains and it was in the WORST of places, right where the customers line up and it was really affecting my business. I called SERVPRO and they repaired the leak really quick and for a great price. I highly recommend them, it is good and reliable work that they provide.

Our home was flooded by the rain because it was old and couldn't take the rainfall. We had so much damage left over it was crazy but we called SERVPRO because our friend recommended them to us and they came out and fixed it all up for us. I am very thankful for their services, SERVPRO is the best!

Fabulous, high quality work. We came back from vacation to find that our water heater had ruptured (up in the garage) and leaked water down through the ceilings and walls all over the place.

Not too much of our stuff or furniture got damaged, but we were totally dreading the experience with our insurance and whoever the heck they use based on horror stories and the bad reputation of the industry. The company the insurance sent, this SERVPRO of Torrance, came out right away, seemed like they did this stuff in their sleep for 20 years, and got the drying and everything started ASAP.

There were some issues/questions with billing and insurance (just like with anything construction related), but the office staff were responsive and got it all worked out with the insurance.

I would definitely go back to these guys at this Torrance office directly if stuff came up in the future and insurance covered it through them (or wouldn't cover something at all) , for second opinions, etc. I was surprised to figure out/learn later that these SERVPROs are independent franchises and sort of compete with each other. Well the Torrance SERVPRO people definitely went the extra mile and are doing everything they can to make you remember them (positively).

Always a pleasure working with the staff here at SERVPRO of Torrance. They are extremely knowledgeable, patient and honest. I cannot recommend them enough.

We came home to water pouring out from under our front door. We contacted SERVPRO and they came out right away and worked closely with us to deal with drying out the house; assessing the damage and getting everything repaired. They were especially helpful in getting us a place to stay and working with our insurance.

SERVPRO came through for us big time! Their technicians were professional and they arrived right away, working with us to help resolve the flood situation in our home. We needed heavy duty industrial fans to dry out the flooring in our kitchen, hallway, small bathroom and part of the dining room - which ran 24/7 for over a week. The technicians also took pains to tear out the flood damaged areas - including baseboards - while preserving the rest. Well done!