Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation Job in Progress

When water seeps into dark nooks and crannies in your property, mold growth is likely to happen. That's what happened here after a storm, moisture was caught in... READ MORE

Water Damage Is No Match For SERVPRO Technicians

Here, you can see water on the floor in the first photo, showing the water damage that has affected this commercial property. A flood happened due to a pipe bur... READ MORE

Replacing Smoke Damaged Ceiling Tiles

When your property has suffered from smoke damage, the walls and ceiling may have soot on them, making it smell and visibly dirty. Sometimes the smell will go a... READ MORE

Water Damaged Hallway Restored!

In the water damage restoration process, we inspect the moisture content of the affected areas using a moisture meter. Here, the bottom of the walls contained u... READ MORE

Cleaning a Commercial Space

Here a commercial property suffered from water damage and it was our job to extract the water and make the place dry again so business may proceed. When water d... READ MORE

Whaattt?! Ash Doesn't Belong in Your Bath!

After your property has suffered from a fire, the damage after can be pretty heavy. Your property may have water damage from fire fighting efforts, a compromise... READ MORE


A Torrance home faces severe water damage. The pipes have burst! Water is everywhere! Chaos is taking over and the technicians must find a way to clear the dama... READ MORE

Icky Water Damage Cleaned up Right

Here, water damage struck the laundry room of a Torrance home. The water that seeped into the room under the washing and drying units facilitated bacteria to gr... READ MORE

Storm Damage is no Match For us!

Wow! Look at the caliber of damage a hefty storm did to this Torrance property. The water seeped into the walls from the roof and left moisture in places that a... READ MORE

A Laundry Room Made to New

Fire damage can damage your entire property, but SERVPRO of Torrance can fix the damage "Like it never even happened." Our experience in fire damage remediation... READ MORE