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Dehumidifier Used to Dry Your Torrance Property

Here at SERVPRO, we use special equipment to regulate the temperature and airflow in your property to dry any areas with unwanted moisture. Although your walls and floors may look dry, there is usually hidden wetness in the pores after water damage that if neglected can lead to further damages. This dehumidifier reads the temperature and moisture going in and out of the unit. These values are tracked over time to make sure the property is drying and decreasing in moisture content. We also check with moisture meters that give the percentage moisture in a given area. At SERVPRO we do diligent work to make sure we are providing you with incomparable services! Call our 24 hour emergency line for your Torrance property's damage remediation needs. 

Water Damage at Your Local Drug Store

SERVPRO is here to restore any place damaged by fire, water, mold, or a storm. These types of things don't just happen in homes. Damage can strike anywhere, just like in this local drug store whose bathroom was flooded and needed some restoration. Call our 24 hour emergency service line if your commercial property needs damage restoration. We will walk you through the process and let you know everything you need to be secure in your decision to stick with SERVPRO.

What's a Moisture Meter?

Here a moisture meter is pictured. Never seen this before? That's okay! They're simple; they measure the amount of moisture in a given area. Here at SERVPRO, we use these often to measure the moisture in walls, floors, and any other places around your property to target which areas have been affected by water damage. Once we pin point the affected areas, it is time to demo and make it "Like it never even happened."

We Can Take Water Damage

Here, this kitchen suffered from intense water damage. But with the help of SERVPRO, now it's "Like it never even happened." In addition to disaster restoration, we also are licensed in construction so you can stick with us throughout the entire process. It is your choice to stick with us or an outside company to reconstruct your home after the damaged areas of your property have been demoed. But, we can assure you our work will be hard to compete with as we have over 50 years of experience in the field. To see the work we have done, check out our before and after photos.

Look at That Fire Damage

This is just a slice of the damage a fire can do to your home. After, many of your things will be burned or have large amounts of ash and debris on them. And some things may not even be salvageable. This is why when cooking, smoking, lighting a candle, or anything to do with fire you must take extra caution. But, if an accident happens and your property suffers from fire damage, SERVPRO is here to help! We understand the stress of dealing with any type of disaster recovery, that's why we take pride in excellent customer service both over the phone and on site. Check out our before and after photos to see some of the work we've done.

What Water Can do to Your Ceiling

When a storm hits, the rain seeps under the shingles of your roof and gets into your home. This water travel down and gets moisture in places that can damage your homes structural integrity. For example, the water can weaken the wood an dry wall of your home. And, water facilitates mold growths making your home prone to that. With these things in mind, you can see how important it is to act fast when your property has suffered from storm damage. Call SERVPRO today to book an inspection of your home to start the restoration process. Remember, "Like it never even happened!"

Boxes and Boxes...

SERVPRO of Torrance is here for you in your desperate times fro damage restoration. We understand the stress and worry that comes with a damaged home, it's no joke. Our employees prioritize customer service both over the phone and on site to ensure a smooth restoration process. Don't hesitate to ask our technicians any questions along the way to familiarize yourself with everything being done to make your property "Like it never even happened." Click here to learn more about the services we provide.

Fire Damage Can do That?!

Yes! it can! That is why it's important for you to do your best in preventing fire damage when it comes to your property. Things like unattended candles, smoking in the house, and careless cooking can cause a fire like this. But, there are also uncontrollable circumstances like electric shortages and what not to cause something like this as well. Whether the case, it is important to be prepared for fire damage to keep you safe, and your property in the best condition possible for damage restoration. Click here to learn more about what to do in the event of fire damage.

Peek a Boo! From the Drying Fan

When water or storm damage plagues your property, moisture is left in places that can damage your property even further. To eliminate this unwanted water, the affected areas must be dried to achieve a stable moisture condition. At SERVPRO, we have state of the art technology to reach and dry even the smallest nooks an crannies of your Torrance property. Here, our drying units are in the small crawl space of a home that was affected by water damage. Drying like this helps quicken the evaporation process of the moisture so further steps can be taken in the restoration process.

Water Damage Aftermath

A pipe leak, flooded bathroom, and many other situations can cause something like this pictured here to happen. When water floods your home, it damages the hard wood floor by seeping under the boards causing them to rise and potentially grow mold. For carpet, it exposes the fibers to moisture for too long causing wear and potential mold growths as well. Don't let your property get to the moldy point! Call SERVPRO of Torrance for your property's damage restoration needs, we are the best in the business!

Yucky Water Damage

When running a commercial business, the public bathrooms can get messy and maybe even flood due to stinky circumstances. We at SERVPRO have seen many of these cases, so no need to worry when your commercial property bathroom floods! We have the state of the art technology and special training to repair your business' bathroom back to new. Plug your nose, and call SERVPRO of Torrance!

Water Damage Restoration Process

Here at SERVPRO, during the restoration process for water damage, moisture in places where its not supposed to be cannot always be seen. To know where unwanted moisture is, we use a device called a moisture meter to measure the amount of damage in hidden areas. When we do measure this, our technicians use tape to indicate which areas need to be removed to make your home look "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage is Deceiving

Looks like a harmless stain on a carpet right? NOT! This wet spot can indicate a lot of things. For example, this can mean a pipe has burst in your property and is leaking through the walls and floors. It is important to keep note of moisture in places that are supposed to be dry. A wet spot like this can also make your property more prone to mold growths. Stay educated and safe!

We Can Take Storm Damage

A bathroom beautifully reconstructed by our technicians here at SERVPRO of Torrance. Can you believe this was once damaged by a storm? Our experience and dedication really shows through in this job!

Like it Never Even Happened

Not only is SERVPRO of Torrance able to clean up damage, we are also able to reconstruct your home back to new. Our technicians have certifications in ever field necessary to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is Here to Help!

Our technicians are highly trained and certified in everything needed to fix your home back to new. We take damage restoration seriously, and safety is our top priority. Don't be afraid to call and ask any questions you have regarding our services. Or, read our blogs on various topics like mold remediation and fire damage.

Water Come in the Sneakiest Places

If a pipe bursts, water can leak into the walls and ceilings of your property causing serious damage and potential for mold growth. When confronted with water damage, call SERVPRO of Torrance to make your property look "Like it never even happened."

EEEK! Fire Damage!

This is a picture of fire damage at its worst! Fire will creep up and engulf ever nook and cranny of your home. Read Fire Damage Tips to learn more about what you can do when confronted with fire damage.

Once fire Damaged Dining Room Restored!

This is the work done by our technicians here at SERVPRO of Torrance. This dining room was struck by fire damage as well as water damage from firefighting efforts. Call our 24 hour emergency service line if your property is in need of damage restoration. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

Ricky's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our production manager, Ricky! He has been working with us for a few years now and he takes your water, fire and mold damage remediation needs seriously! Happy bday friend :)

Beautiful Reconstructed Kitchen

This is the beautiful restoration work our constructors did to make this Torrance home look "Like it never even happened." This kitchen was once fire and water damaged, but the work of our highly trained technicians can make your kitchen attractive like this one. To learn more about what we do, watch our videos!

What a Fire Damaged Ceiling Looks Like

This is what a Torrance home looked like after being struck by fire damage. If this happens to your property, call SERVPRO for a timely remediation service. We make sure to do the job perfect the first time. Read our testimonials for an outside perspective!

Our Dedicated Owners

Here are SERVPRO of Torrance's dedicated owners Ben and Nina Bamdad at the 2018 office Christmas party. Aside from work, we enjoy spending time and celebrating joyful holidays together. A strong community is important to us!

Construction in Torrance

Here, our highly trained technician Joseph is painting the walls of a once fire damaged home. SERVPRO of Torrance specializes in disaster cleanup as well as reconstruction. We have the training, licenses, and certifications to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Happy Holiday!

Happy Holidays from SERVPRO of Torrance! Our 2017 Christmas Party festivities included a dinner with SERVPRO of Palos Verdes at Luminaries Restaurant followed by... this picture. Obviously! Gosh what follows your Christmas festivities?

Pack out

When you need your home, packed out, it can be stressful! Luckily we are here to help relieve that stress! Call SERVPRO of Torrance! The professionals you can trust! 310-320-2112

Hard at Work on Storm Job!

Formality & code of behavior in tact! You can always identify SERVPRO of Torrance technician, Pablo Hernandez, by following the sweet sounds of his whistle nearby. Standard Procedure! PS. Don't get in a fluster when you can't keep up with Pablo's suave dance moves!!

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Building in Torrance, CA flooded. The impact of a flood in any business can be detrimental. In fact, only 25% of businesses reopen after disaster strikes! Act fast if your business has been hit by any size disaster. Call SERVPRO of Torrance!

Storm Job!

This customer ensured, during his very own home design, that he would be prepared for emergencies. The grass was specially equipped for the weight of our heavy trucks. Way to be one step ahead!

Equipment In Truck

Every morning our SERVPRO of Torrance technicians prepares for a daily adventure by attending our morning meet & greets, hosted by Philana, and they load up the trucks with equipment to be distributed throughout the day.


Please come make a debut at the SERVPRO of Torrance office. Take an educational tour and learn how each piece of equipment plays an important roll in restoration services provided on a daily basis.